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About Sharon & Diane Tessman

We, as sisters, carry on a legacy of working with fiber and working with the hands.  A strong Germanic influence and following a deep tradition of weaving things together has prompted us to bring forward, jointly, those things that are important to us individually.
Sharon Tessman is the weaver of rugs, runners and mats, scarves  and table linens.  An active member of the Weavers Guild of Minnesota; Textile Center, a national center for fiber art; and the Handweavers Guild of America.
Handmade Scarves by Sharon Tessman

"I am a fiber artist and have been interested in weaving since I was 10 years old; when I sat on the basement stairs and watched my mother weave rugs on two big floor looms.  Like her, I weave rugs, scarves, and table linens on the big floor looms, one of which was hers!  I use my intuitive sense of color and texture together with my love of nature to create handwoven, functional fibers for people to use and enjoy.  I weave with passion, peace, and positive energy, hoping that these qualities will surround and embrace all who use, wear, and walk on my creations."

Sharon work can be seen at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota and Textile Center in Minneapolis, MN.

For more information contact weaversguildmn.com

Sharon Tessman
St. Paul, MN
Diane Tessman sews and knits the wearable arts.  Also a member of  the Minnesota Textile Center and Weavers Guild of Minnesota.
Handmade handbag & hat by Diane Tessman

"I am a believer that nothing is ever lost or wasted and therefore am conscious of the nature of each item that I work with, be it a sweater that previously belonged to another person or how the colors that I use relate to the color adjacent to it.  Color inspires me! I love the interplay of one color next to another; how they message and translate together.  It is my intention to bring forward in everything that my hands touch, the values that sustain me and have brought me to where I am, and warmly bestow those good wishes to those who purchase my wearables."

Diane Tessman
St. Louis, MO