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Give the Gift of Art

Woven Hats by Diane Tessman

Tessman Textiles

A Tradition Handed Down Through Generations…

A tradition brought forward of hands-on workings literally weaving things together.  Beginning in the early 1900’s with our grandfather gathering and weaving willow branches into baskets, our mother working on her large floor looms making rugs, and moving to the present day with the two of us, sisters, we are weaving colorful yarns and fibers into wearable and functional pieces of art.

A Minnesota heritage of ‘hard work’ and ‘using what you have’ comes through our hands as one sees the fine yarns and intricate weavings in the scarves and runners or the recycling of just the right old sweater woven into a warm hat.

Upcoming shows in 2017
Artist Boutique
Community Center, Kirkwood, Missouri
Art Fair at Queeny Park
Queeny Park, Ballwin, MO
Art in the Park
Columbia, MO
Art in the Park
Francis Park, St Louis Hills
Historic Shaw Art Fair
St Louis, Missouri
CAM's Open Studios
St Louis, Missouri